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anyone wishing to submit parade entry forms by e-mail should use the following address:  jchmura@37thdistrictcourt.org


Over 60 years old, the Polish American Congress, Michigan Division serves as an umbrella organization for approximately 100 Polish American groups. The Michigan Division has its headquarters in Hamtramck on Joseph Campau. One of its most vital committees is the Polish Day Parade Committee.

The committee plan Hamtramck’s Polish Day Parade held annually on Labor Day at 1:30 p.m. Marchers gather at the corner of Holbrook and Joseph Campau and proceed north on Joseph Campau to Commor. It is considered one of the largest ethnic parades in the state of Michigan with many individuals and groups participating, including political figures.

A long, rich history is associated with the founding of the Polish Day Parade. In the 1930s, the roots of the present day Polish Day Parade took hold with the May 1 Polish Constitution Day observance held on Detroit’s Belle Isle. The Polish Day Parade evolved into the Pulaski Day Parade and was held in the fall of each year in downtown Detroit.

In 1977, Paul C. Odrobina as president of the Polish American Congress, Michigan Division and as city council member saw the need for the Polish Day Parade to continue in Hamtramck. Odrobina said, “I was happy to continue the tradition in the city of Hamtramck by having the parade committee agree to stage the parade on Joseph Campau Avenue during the city’s annual festival.”

He continued, “The Polish Day Parade is an annual tradition that celebrates Polish American life. The parade brings out all that is good about one’s Polish heritage. We all should be proud of who we are and what we contribute to America.”

For more information about the Polish American Congress, Michigan Division or the parade, please call the headquarters at (313) 365-9400.


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2017 Parade Date & Location

Parade Date: Labor Day - September 4, 2017

Time: 1:30pm (Parade forms at 12:00 noon)
Length of Parade: 1.5 miles (est. 90 minutes)
Assembly Area: Joseph Campau South of Holbrook
Disbanding Area: Commor and Joseph Campau
Entry Deadline: July 20
For Additional Information: Please call John Chmura (586) 574-4925

anyone wishing to submit parade entry forms by e-mail should use the following address:  jchmura@37thdistrictcourt.org

Polish Day Parade Guidelines

1.) All entries must be appropriate and be in good taste, as per the discretion of the Polish Day Parade Committee.
2.) Busses, tow trucks, or any vehicle deemed unsuitable will not be allowed in the parade.
3.) All parade entries are to be appropriately decorated, including the vehicle pulling the entry.
4.) All parade participants (scouts, scout leaders, veterans, (etc.) must be dressed in either a uniform or costume.
5.) Each entry should provide a banner or other signage for identification.
6.) All equestrian units are to make their own arrangements for clean-up in the parade forming area, along the parade route, and the parade disbanding area.
7.) No parade participant may join or exit the parade while it is in progress.
8.) No alcoholic beverages and/or food are permitted while the entry is in the parade route.
9.) Due to safety reasons, there is to be no distribution of any items (candy, etc.) along the parade route – however, someone may walk down the sidewalk along the parade route and distribute these items. However, we must be appraised of this prior to the parade!!
10.) All children are to be met at the designated areas at the parade disbanding area.
11.) Any parade participant not adhering to the parade guidelines will not be allowed to participate in future parades.
12.) The Committee will attempt to accommodate all preferences regarding Parade line-up position or any other requests which an entrant may have. However entrants should be aware that it may be impossible to grant all requests. The Committee reserves the right to alter the parade line-up or make any other changes at any time.

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